Skin Treatments vs. Anti-Ageing Injections


Last week I visited Dermatologist Melbourne for skin checkup and advice, the education I received is amazing here is a recap. Aging is a characteristic procedure and unavoidable. You see a few individuals who look more seasoned than their age and others that you need to do a ‘twofold take’ as they sort of look youthful, yet there is something only somewhat wrong or “off” with their appearance. Continue reading


Dermatology is a vast field, normally taken lightly by people when compared to other medical practitioners. But the reality is, dermatologist are kindest to become experts in treatment of our skin. Skin is the external covering of our body, protecting us and giving us our persona. There are many different skin types and even more different types of skin problems. These problems range from minor scarring, warts, lesions, to fatal and lethal skin cancers. Melbourne dermatologist are available for lovely and charming Aussies to offer treatment and consultation for their skin problems.

Before you opt a Melbourne dermatologist for your skin consultation there are some simple steps to make an appropriate decision. There are some facts that you should know about basic dermatology and what it offers which will help you in choosing your consultant:

  • What are you looking for?

It is the most important question and you can answer it quickly. What kind of skin consultation do you need will differentiate the category of dermatologist you need look for? There are basically two major classifications based on the type of skin issues dealt. One type of dermatologist are expert in treatment of skin conditions or diseases, acnes, warts, moles, skin cancers etc. The other category include the one expert in cosmetic consultation.

  • What do cosmetic dermatologist do?

They do not treat skin diseases, they treat your skin, hair or nails in ways to improve appearance. They are experts in making you more beautiful and adjustable with your skin condition and form. They offer plastic surgery and treatment to diminish and fade marks and scars of some skin disease, injury, operation etc. They are also skilled in making you look younger and fresher. Dermatologist Melbourne have different types: Botox Melbourne and Dermal filler Melbourne will give you treatments including injections and serums which recover skin from aging stresses. Take these treatments as prototype of Fountain of Youth!! Read more here.

  • Do some research!

Once you figure out, what are you looking for, it is time for some research. Do some internet browsing or talk to your friends and colleagues. I recommend talking and taking advice of people because if you are lucky to find some with experiences, you will get some very realistic and reliable piece of information. In other case, reputation is not a hidden fact and once you visit a clinic you get a very idea and impression of how the service and consultation is going to be.

  • Do not tell your doctor, ask your doctor!

Do not take an appointment, and tell your dermatologist to just inject you some fillers!! This is wrong, always take your first appointment as a consultation session, talk to your doctor, and ask him questions. Obviously he has experience and knowledge to enlighten you on your case and condition.

  • Ethics and values:

Your skin is very sensitive and visual part of your body, you might be uncomfortable with your mole or scar but do not just aim at removal. All treatments are not completely without side effects. Do not just focus on making your skin youthful, there are some barriers and limitations, ethics and morals. Fountain of youth is not yet discovered!

Nature has made you best and beautiful the way you are. Do not opt an unnecessary treatment to only disturb natural stability of your skin! However, some conditions need treatment so opting a reputed and experience Melbourne dermatologist should be your priority.

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Botox in face-off with ‘invisible’ therapies

Botox Melbourne is such a drug which is used to treat skin issues such as to remove wrinkles. In Botox skin some skin cells are paralyzed temporarily due to which wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes get removed. Many celebrities have moved for this treatment including Anjelica Huston, Teri Hatcher etc. This treatment leads in the direction of more vibrant and natural look by frozen foreheads. As discusses Botox Melbourne fades wrinkles by paralyzing the desired muscles.

Botox and other therapies:

Botox has several disadvantages as well. Some people say that after Botox treatment you become unable to express different types of emotions. Another treatment is also used which is thought to be better than Botox and that is NOCEDURE. It is also called a Jet Peel Medical treatment. It is a sophisticated and high tech machine. It works in way that it blasts water and oxygen onto the skin at very high speed and by doing so it hydrates and plumps the skin. As a result it rigid/tightens the face. When the face is stiffened your fine lines and wrinkles are reduced. This technique is similar to Botox but have better results.

Nocedures is believed to be very effective as many TV celebrities have tried this procedure. Their view is that after this treatment they feel like nothing has happened to them. Mean to say, they are still able to express their emotions and they are satisfied with its results. They believe that nocedure is far much better treatment as compared to other dermal filler techniques and Botox .

A professor from Dermatology Institute of Victoria says that there are a lot of other treatments that are far much better than the Botox Melbourne. He says that Jet Peel and Intense Pulse Light are some of the treatments that remove the layers of dead skin cells and give a youthful look without hiding expressions. He is also not in favor of Cosmetic surgery and other dermal filler related information at this link.

Cost of different treatments:

When compared with other treatments, Botox is considered neither too expensive not too cheap. Jet Peel per treatment cost is about $720. Dermal fillers cost about $680. Botox is relevantly cheap and it costs about $400 but it depends on the size of the area which is under treatment. The larger the facial area the more costly it is. Intense Pulse Light costs round about $495.

Views of People about different treatments:


Another lady says that she is satisfied with procedures but not with IPL and Jet Peel. She articulates that she has tried both these treatments and the results of these treatments were mind blowing. Further she tells that when you go for IPL and Jet Peel, no one knows that you have ever gone for any such treatment.checkout more details at

In short, Botox and other treatments such as IPL, Jet Peel etc. are important at their own place. After Botox Melbourne treatment you will further not be able to express your emotions but other similar treatments just remove your dead cells and you can still express your emotions.

What are scars? How are acne scars treated?

Dermatologists in Melbourne have discovered so many methods and procedures for different types of scars. And such procedures have proven very vital. Women usually cherish for clean and spotless skin but what often happens is that many scars become the part of their skin. Such scars are sometimes so dark that your beauty fades due to them.

Let’s briefly start from the very definition of scars and next move towards how to cure them:


Basically scars are the marks that become the part of your face/skin after some injury, acne problem, skin disease, burns, cuts or trauma. These scars contribute a lot to make you less confidence. These are darker and shinier than your normal skin complexion. These become prominent when new but with the passage of time these fade. But some scars are such that they never fade and are very hard to remove even after intense medical treatment.learn more tips at

The diseases that lead to scars may include chickenpox and vitiligo. After due care from both ends i.e. from patient and surgeon, dermatologists in Melbourne can remove these scars.

Different Types of Scars:

Scars can be categorized in the following three types:

1. Keloid
2. Hypertrophic
3. Contractures

Keloid Scars:

These scars are created when there is over production of collagen. Collagen grows beyond the scars. Keloid scars are very thick and rises. Their color is usually dark or red and these are so prominent on the face.

Hypertrophic Scars:

These scars remain within the boundary and are not like Keloid scars that grow beyond the wound. These are similar to Keloid scars in a way that these are also dark red, raised and thick.


Contractures appear due to burn or some injury. During which most of the area of the skin is lost. Contractures make the skin rigid. Usually the skin is elastic but due to burn or injury it’s replaced with fibers by giving a rigid look.

How to cure scars?

Scars removal Melbourne treats all types of scars. Some of the scars removing treatments are as follows:

o Z Plasty:

In this technique limps are used by replacing the two flaps of the skin. Z plasty is considered better for contracted scars and it fades the scars by breaking them into small units. It’s not useful for burned scars.

o W Plasty:

It’s better for those scars which are triangular in shape. It does not lengthen the scars.

Removing Acne Scars:

Acne scars can also take several forms. And there is a need to cure them properly. These comprise ice pick scars, depressed fibrotic scars, superficial scars, boxcar scars etc. The following techniques are used to treat them.

o Punch Excision:

This technique is best for deep boxcar and ice pick scars. To remove the defect, a biopsy tool is used which is equal to the size of defect.

o Subcutaneous Incision:

In this technique depressed scars are treated with the help of a needle. By using the special needle the scar surface and the skin is separated and then flattened.

acne scars treated

o Shave Excision:

To treat the keloids and hypertrophic scars this technique is used. Scar is removed with flexible blade.

Hence, scar removal Melbourne can remove all types of scars. All you need is to do a proper research for it.

Get Back Your Youth with Dermal Fillers Here In Melbourne

In the past it was very hard to hide the ageing signs from your face. Especially women were used to buy expensive products for this purpose. By keeping in mind their fear of aging most treatments and procedures has been discovered that are the ultimate solution to their all problems.

Fine lines on the face and wrinkles around eyes, lips and frown lines were some of the reasons due to which skin specialist worked hard to eliminate such issues. Now they have become successful and procedures are also very effective which they are using. Dermal fillers Melbourne are the solution to your aging problem. You can worry about your gray hair or something else but lip fillers and dermal fillers can give you more youthful appearance then you ever had. There are several clinics in Melbourne that will provide you best possible dermal fillers results.

Types of Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are what you want for your fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. These gives you vibrant look while hiding the signs of aging. Dermal fillers are most commonly used for facial rejuvenation procedures. Injectable Dermal fillers are widely used and highly improved. There are 3 elementary types of such injectable dermal fillers. These are:

1. Temporary Fillers:

As the name suggest these fillers are temporary in nature. And the desired results of these procedures last for a very short time period i.e. for three to nine months. It depends on the fact that which area of the skin is being treated and what amount of these natural fillers is being used. Hyaluronic acid is the natural sugar in your skin and these temporary fillers are made by using this hyaluronic acid.

2. Semi-Permanent Fillers:

These Dermal Fillers Melbourne are better than the temporary fillers. Their lasting time is also improved. These fillers last for twelve to eighteen months. Although these fillers are also made by using natural substances but the body cannot break them easily.view reviews at

3. Permanent Fillers:

You cannot change the results of these fillers once you have applied them. These are not made by some natural ingredients rather synthetic plastic like fluids are used to make them. And these materials are impossible to break down. Moreover you will not be able to them easily.

Dermal Fillers

According to your need you go for the fillers that suits you. By using them your smile and frown lines will become light. With ageing process these gets deeper and deeper but the solution is on your hand. Dermal fillers Melbourne are also useful for filling the hollows under your eyes. Wrinkles and fine line will appear nowhere and these fillers will add more value to your personality. But again remember that such dermal fillers Melbourne have some side effects attached with them as well. Before going for any aforesaid mentioned procedure, check complete detail and then make any change. Side effects may include too much or too low filling, swelling, lumpiness, bruising, and so on…

Lip Enhancement Gives You Full, Luscious Lips

Women want to look gorgeous and beautiful all the time. In fact no one likes to see gray hair and wrinkled face. So far is the case with lips. When you grow old your lips become thin and the corners of your lips start turning downward. Obviously this is not an acceptable condition for most of the women. So they try to go for some remedies. You can go for lip filler Melbourne for getting the desired youthful and luscious lips.

Lip filler Melbourne fills your lips in such a way that it gives you permanent beautiful look. When your lips would be luscious, it will add to your beauty and you will look more vibrant and younger. For this purpose many techniques has been introduced and by availing them you can get what you want.

Some Procedures for Lip Enhancement:

The whole credit goes to Dr. Clevens who has introduced such amazing procedures to give an appearance of fuller lips. These include:

• Lip Lift

Basically it’s a type of plastic surgery in which your lips are lifted upward and the facial area above your lips is also heightened in this way. It gives more aesthetic look and it can be done with both surgical and non-surgical techniques.

• Sub Nasal Lip Lift:

In this procedure some part of skin under your nose is taken off by cutting or nylon threads are used.

• Direct Lip Lift:

In this procedure some skin is removed from or from above the white roll. It takes just 20 minutes to complete the whole procedure. The swelling may remain for 1-2 weeks but after that your lips would be super amazing.

• Corner of the Lip Lift:

This procedure is also termed as smile lift. It’s quite painful and risky procedure. Undoubtedly women like smile lift procedure but the main disadvantage is that it leaves some scars behind it. In this procedure corner of the lips are drifted upward to give a smile look.

• Live Fill Augmentation of Lips:

Lip augmentation gives more sensual lips. Dermal fillers Melbourne are used to enhance the lips. This procedure of lip enhancement can be applied on adults. Those women who have thin lips can go for it. But it’s important that you should be healthy for such treatment. Otherwise desired results cannot be obtained.I found more helpful tips at

• Extended Corner of the Lip Lift:

In this procedure the corners of your lips are extended and the size of the lips is increased in this way.

• V-Y Lip:

Luscious Lips

In this procedure V is drawn on the mucosa of upper and down lip. Some women go for extra-large lips in this procedure and mostly the doctors don’t recommend this. In this procedure usually the upper lip is kept half of the lower lip.

In short you can go to lip filler Melbourne for enhancing your lips. The above mentioned procedures are best alternative of injections which are used for this purpose. Moreover all the procedures take less than an hour to complete. But before going for any procedure, try to know its benefits and disadvantages.

Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: 3 Undesirable Consequences

There is no denial that several stories of plastic surgery gone wrong can be heard very often. You must have gasped at the pictures of Michael Jackson and Courtney Love after they went under the knife only to move out disappointed at the results. Statistics reveal that almost 51% of US population is desirous of a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure. These numbers suggest that plastic surgery is a reasonably popular option among masses for rectifying minor faults in the body aesthetics.

The fact that a lot of plastic surgeries go wrong makes it important that you know about some of the ways in which plastic surgery can go wrong before you decide to visit your surgeon and fix an appointment.
Here are some of the undesirable results which may arise out of a plastic surgery procedure:

1. Plastic surgery gone wrong: Bad scarring

Big procedures like tummy tuck and breast lifts can leave scars and believe you me, they can be real bad ones. While many believe that leftover scars are a matter of the surgeon’s skill, experts believe that it is also a function of the patient’s genetics. The plastic surgeon can perform the same procedure on two different individuals; one with an impeccable finish and the other with perceptible scars. Dark complexioned and highly pigmented skin places you in the high risk category when it comes to scars after a plastic surgery.

2. Plastic surgery gone wrong: The dreaded breast gap

One of the front runners in the list of plastic surgery aftermath is the breast gap that Tory Spelling had after the surgery. Her doctor is very often blamed for her drooping and gapped breasts implants. Besides the lack of skill of the doctor, another reason for such a condition can be her wide and depressed breast bone called the sternum. Such a difference in breasts is not noticeable when the person has small breasts however after the surgery when the breasts get enlarged due to implants, the gap becomes more pronounced and apparent. It is not uncommon for women to have irregular breastbones. This is possibly the reason why almost 40% of the women who opt for a breast implant need to go back for another plastic surgery procedure to get them changed.checkout latest news at

3. Plastic surgery gone wrong: Permanent numbness

Plastic Surgery

Temporary numbness at the site of incision is a common occurrence however, the matter becomes serious when the numbness refuses to go and becomes permanent. Most cases of numbness arise from breast reduction or augmentation surgeries. Loss of sensation in nipples has been seen in most cases of wrong procedures. If the procedure goes horribly wrong, you may even lose the nipple and areola in the bid to reduce breast size.

As with any surgery, there are risks of excessive bleeding after plastic surgery as well. Collection of blood, also known as Hematoma commonly occurs in men because beard follicles have more capillaries which give an increased blood supply in the area. In rare cases, an infection may occur which must be immediately arrested because it can spread to other body parts as well.The list of plastic surgery gone wrong cases is endless, however, to avoid an entry into the list, be sure of the pros and cons of the procedure you wish to undergo and choose the surgeon wisely.

Plastic Surgery Considerations

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery dedicated to correcting defects, whether from birth defects, accidents, fires or other trauma, in people’s bodies or faces. Plastic surgery is also elected when people desire to change part of their appearance, but don’t necessarily have a defect. In this case, plastic surgery is often referred to as cosmetic our latest blog post for more details.

Making the decision to get plastic surgery requires research, a lot of thought and taking important factors into consideration. People should know the costs of plastic surgery and the procedure they are considering, and they should choose a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon carefully.
When choosing a plastic or cosmetic surgeon, first make sure the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Recommendations are also a great way to find a surgeon: Friends, doctors and hospitals can recommend good surgeons.

Another way to find a good plastic or cosmetic surgeon is to go through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. All of the organizations members are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and in addition, the society’s members:view additional information at

• continually work to fulfill medical education requirements, including updated standards and innovations
• follow a stringent ethical code
• work only in medical facilities with appropriate accreditation.

Once you have narrowed the field, make sure you check your potential surgeon’s credentials. This can be done through hospitals, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or your state’s medical board. Consulting with a few plastic surgeons may also help.

Costs of plastic surgery should also be considered before undertaking any procedure. In 2006, Americans spent over $11 billion on plastic surgery procedures. These procedures can cost a few hundred dollars, or can go up to several thousand dollars, depending on the type of procedure.

Also, when considering plastic surgery, take into account the recovery time involved and the side effects of the procedure. Depending on a particular procedure’s severity and intrusiveness, recovery time can take a few days or a few months. Time off from work should also be calculated into the cost of the procedure.

This section covers all aspects of what to consider before undergoing plastic surgery, with special focus on choosing a plastic or cosmetic surgeon and the costs of plastic surgery.

Costs of Plastic Surgery

Depending on the type of plastic surgery procedure, costs will vary. Minimally invasive procedures are generally less expensive, and average a few hundred dollars, while the most popular procedures average a few thousand dollars.

Plastic Surgery operation

The amount of money spend on plastic surgery every year is on the rise, as is the number of plastic surgery procedures done every year, despite the costs of plastic surgery.

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Choosing a cosmetic surgeon can be a challenge. Certification, experience, personality and many more factors should be taken into account.
Recommendations from friends, family and medical professionals are a great place to start, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has many great resources for people who are choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

All You Need To Know About Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

Lana Del Rey plastic surgery has made headlines all over the internet. She is a daughter of a millionaire entrepreneur, born in upstate New York and was given the name Elizabeth Grant. Her father used to deal in internet domains. She went to school in Connecticut where she studied metaphysics at the Fordham University. Right after high school Grant started writing songs then she signed a recording contract with Indie Label 5 Points in 2007 just at the age of 21. Lizzy Grant also released EP with them.

Years later she made a decision to reinvent herself hence the name Lizzy Grant had to die too and Lana Del Ray came into existence. In fact she even bought back album rights from Lizzy Grant. She had to change her look and even dyed her hair, upgraded her look and became totally different with a deeper voice. One of the things that has been talked about the most is her plastic surgery.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery to get poutier mouth

It is crystal clear that Lana had some plastic surgery done on her lips and this has kept people talking. This is because they appear fuller than they were years back. However, Lana has always denied having had any plastic surgery on her lips stating that she did not even have enough money to cater for that. It is hard to determine whether she is saying the truth because her before and other pictures show two completely different people.checkout latest updates straight form the source.

Plastic Surgeon’s view on Lana Del Rey Plastic surgery

Some of the plastic surgeon’s take on her plastic surgery is a clear indicator that she had some lip job. In fact, one renowned plastic surgeon based in Miami stated that Lana may have used some dermal filler such as Restylane or Juvederm for pout enhancement. This is because according to the surgeon her lips are not proportionate in size compared to her other facial features. Another plastic surgeon from New York added that she might have injected an entire syringe of Juvederm because the lip enhancement was quite evident. On the other hand, one plastic surgeon refutes any plastic surgery claims. All in all she looks totally different.

Impact Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery on her music

Since word went round that Lana had a plastic surgery to enhance her lips there has been a lot of attention towards her. Most recently she was called for an interview on Saturday Night Live Show. She had a boring performance on the show and this added to bad publicity. However, this has made many people gain more interest in her music. In fact, when she released Born To Die it was ranked second on Billboard Album charts. So far she sold more than three million copies out of it. Later on she progressed to having two platinum singles.

Plastic Surgery room

Generally, the whole change has made things work out well for her in her music career and has made her even more famous. To some extent she has made progress in her music career. Lana Del Rey plastic surgery should not be a big issue because she is not the only celebrity to have undergone plastic surgery.for more detailed information, visit